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O.C.'S First Gated Community On The Market

By Phaedra Laird

OCEAN CITY - The city's first gated beachfront community is on the market and can be all your for the right price. The units can be purchased separately, although it's cheaper to buy in bulk.

When you combine the charm of old-world Europe with life at the Jersey shore, you get a small gated beachfront community in Ocean City that's miles away from ordinary. "It's different than anything else in Ocean City," said Josh McCallen, project manager with Achristavest developers.

Four units make up "Santa Rosa" and they're all fully furnished, exquisite, and available. "I was just taking a stroll and I'm like...they're just so beautiful, I had to stop." The community is catching everyone's attention, including Patti Singer's. "It's absolutely beautiful and they're right on the ocean," said Singer, "they're really unique for here in Ocean City, they're beautiful."

"We only build something if it has a unique quality," said McCallen, "this one is...the architecture competes with the view."

It's all about the small details here that come together to convey a certain feeling. A 100 year-old drinking fountain from just outside of Rome is the perfect centerpiece for the Mediterranean inspired courtyard. "We want you to feel like you're truly in a piazza," said McCallen, "everything outside speaks to the quality inside."

From the hand hewn teak floors to the rich mahogany doors, it's easy to see why these units run a couple of million dollars each. You can buy one of the single units for just under $5 million, one of the condos for $2.4 million or the entire community for almost $15 million. "If you have a big family and you have the investment capacity, this is the right investment," said McCallen.

Despite the real estate market struggling and a sluggish economy, people have been touring these multi-million dollar properties. "At this level of the market, what we did is we priced it accordingly," said McCallen, "the lot itself is multiples and multiples of millions, the house on top of it literally costs millions of millions, so when you put it together, a homeowner could not buy and build this house for this price."

Patti Singer would love to move in, she just has to ask her husband. "He'll say, play the lottery," joked Singer.

As an extra incentive to buy one of the home, you'll receive a six passenger, street-legal, electric car.

Whoever successfully sells one of the units will receive a brand new BMW.


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