As a luxury residential builder of fine homes, we pride ourselves on superior design, ultra-high-quality materials, unparalleled construction, and most importantly, fostering lifelong relationships with our clients.

We focus on creating homes that cultivate an extraordinary lifestyle, one that encourages families to be together and enjoy together. Achristavest has a reputation for building magnificent beach and bayfront homes that bring the outside environment of ocean, beach, and bay into the interior and exterior designs of its highly custom-built homes. It has been said by our competition that Achristavest “over builds” its homes. The fact is, it’s true, we do! We build every home as if we are going to move into it ourselves. At Achristavest we practice what we call the forever concept. We design and style our homes in the old seashore way of a bygone era, with a focus on timeless function and design – all in a home that boasts innovative functions and extravagant amenities unlike anything you have ever seen. Through this focus, ten, twenty, fifty and even one hundred years from now, these homes will still always be in style! It is no easy feat, but Achristavest makes it happen!

In Coastal New Jersey, to construct a new home on the beach or bay, ninety-nine percent of the time you must tear one down first. Our goal is to never let one of our homes become a teardown. How do we accomplish this? It starts at the foundation! We do not leave stone or sand in between the pilings; you will find smooth cement in all our crawlspaces. We use a much higher-grade premium stud than most, which ensures that drywall will not become wavy. We strap each story together for rigidity and storm protection; we install plywood on the sheer walls. This ensures that when the inevitable storm comes, you will be inside a peaceful environment, looking out at the storm instead of feeling like you are in the middle of it!

Our goal is to build no two homes alike, that’s why we call it custom! No detail is too small. From the baseboard, to the type of faucets and drawer pulls, team Achristavest is involved in every detail! Achristavest has been called “the builder to billionaires.” It’s true! From professional sports team owners, to former NFL star quarterback, Rich Gannon, to the founder and CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith, Achristavest‘s reputation spans far and wide from building homes in Nantucket, Park City, and Deer Valley, Utah to Cape May, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Ocean City, and Longport!

Why would someone who could afford to buy an entire town choose an Achristavest home? In their own words…because, they have said they have never seen detail, workmanship, and tender loving care, of the likes that Achristavest puts into our homes. Our homes are world class, just like our customers.

In a world that seems to be isolating parents from children, and children from each other, the Achristavest hallmark of beach and bay pulls your family together like a magnet. It offers you peace in an anxiety-filled world. It offers you time-off, in a turned-on world! It offers you real, live, three-dimensional visions and views in a flatscreen world!

Our goal is to exceed your every expectation. An Achristavest designed, custom-built home creates and encourages an atmosphere filled with togetherness and closeness. We eliminate broken rooms and relationships by breaking down walls on the inside and instead, dividing rooms with thoughtful ceiling treatments. We know that water soothes the soul, and there is no better family gathering place than in your custom built Achristavest home!