The World's Most Unique Waterfront Development
Eustace Mita - Robert Zikowski

Eustace W. Mita (L) & Robert J. Zikowski (R)

Leaders in Spectacular, One-of-a-Kind Homes at the Shore

Friends and business partners for nearly two decades, Eustace Mita and Robert Zikowski simply love what they do and radiate a passion for fine homebuilding. Achristavest is led by two partners with broad backgrounds in home development and building, finance, real estate, and operations management. These specialties give each project the expertise needed to flourish.

EUSTACE W. MITA – Chairman & CEO

An entrepreneur and a businessman at heart, Eustace is the driving force behind Achristavest. His tenure as Chairman and CEO at Achristavest follows a successful career path in a multitude of business’s with a focus on real estate. He also is the Chairman and CEO of Icona Resorts, along with the Chairman of Mita Management, a company with interests in the automotive and real estate industries.
From an early age, Eustace Mita couldn’t pass a model home or construction site without stopping by for a closer look. With a love for picturesque waterfront homes an eye for luxury living, it was only natural that Eustace would eventually combine his two passions by spearheading Achristavest Developers.

Eustace has an uncanny ability to coordinate and focus a team’s energies. This focus provides for a reliable system centered on scrupulous execution and distinctive quality. He brings executive-level experience and a remarkable attention to detail to each project. And, most importantly, Eustace maintains a vast team of construction and real estate professionals who help make Achristavest’s custom homes a reality. It’s this desire to pursue only those efforts which derive the most impact and provide the greatest results to both Achristavest and its customers, which drive his efforts.


Robert Zikowski believes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Robert Zikowski was born with a God given passion for home building. Drawn to construction and architecture at a young age, he went to learn the building trades while in high school and by the time he graduated he successfully completed three residential homes. Robert recalls, “we cleared the lot, installed footings & foundation, framed the house, installed the roof and windows, installed the siding, assisted with mechanicals, installed insulation then sheetrock, cabinets, trim and paint and even the landscape, back then we did it all ourselves!” Almost 30 years later, he tackles each project with the same approach. By staying closely involved throughout the process to ensure that each house is meticulously constructed.

Through this unparalleled experience in fine home building, Robert is a seasoned professional who has built well over 200 homes exceeding $130M in value. Robert is well renowned in the industry because he takes a hands-on approach providing razor sharp focus to each and every project. As a perfectionist and the operations guy at Achristavest, Robert oversees all aspects of construction from the ground up, and with his meticulous eye for detail, he ensures that the client’s vision becomes a reality. Robert eagerly greets each project with excitement, which travels throughout the Achristavest team!