Eustace W. Mita

From an early age, Eustace Mita couldn’t pass a model home or construction site without stopping by for a closer look. With a love for picturesque waterfront homes and an eye for luxury living, it was only natural that Eustace would eventually combine his two passions by spearheading Achristavest Developers.

Eustace has an uncanny ability to coordinate and focus a team’s energies. This focus provides for a reliable system centered on scrupulous execution and distinctive quality. He brings executive-level experience and a remarkable attention to detail to each project. And, most importantly, Eustace maintains a vast team of construction and real estate professionals who help make Achristavest’s custom homes a reality. It’s this desire to pursue only those efforts which derive the most impact and provide the greatest results to both Achristavest and its customers, which drive his efforts.

An entrepreneur and a businessman at heart, Eustace is the driving force behind Achristavest. His tenure as Chairman and CEO at Achristavest follows a successful career path in a multitude of businesses with a focus on real estate. He is the Chairman and CEO of Icona Resorts, along with the Chairman of Mita Management, a company with interests in the automotive and real estate industries.

Eustace can be found on the beach with his beautiful wife, Susie, their five children, and their families, including their sixteen grandchildren.